Frequently Asked Questions about Music

How often does my child have music?Students in all grade levels have music once every three days for 40 minutes.
What is your behavior policy?It is important to me that my classroom be a safe, conducive environment for music learning. Students unable to follow our classroom rules are given non-verbal and verbal reminders about their choices and behaviors. Students who repeatedly interrupt instruction with misbehavior are asked to sit in an “observation” chair where they may observe appropriate behavior, make a match to a person who is making good choices, and reflect upon their own choices. Students who continue to interrupt instruction will receive a note home to their parent or caregiver.
Will my child play an instrument?
Yes, your child will learn to play many instruments in elementary music class, but not a band or orchestra instrument. We learn to play xylophones, metallophones, drums, keyboards, and a variety of rhythmic percussion instruments. Students learn to play the recorder in fourth grade. Students begin band and orchestra in upper elementary (5th grade).

Where can I find a piano teacher for my child?
Simply send me an e-mail and I will give you the names and phone numbers of several area private piano teachers. All teachers come from the recommendation of other Longacre families.

Can I donate things to the music room?
Yes! We are always in need of
  • Clorox or Lysol wipes (we use them to wipe down our mallets and keyboards during cold season)
  • Kleenex
  • D Batteries (we use them in our keyboards)