Hey sweet students! Check out some of these sites to play some music games and download some great music!

Check out Ms. Bailey's favorite websites on Delicious! There you can find lots of fun music activities like Incredibox to interact with!

Check out Sphinx Kids! Classic! Lots of fun games to play!

Check out Music K-8 Kids! Tons of fun games and music downloads just for kids!

Check out the New York Philharmonic's page to go on instrument scavenger hunts!

Check out Classics for Kids to learn all about instruments of the orchestra!

Check out the Dallas Symphony Orchestra page to play music games!

Check out JazzKids to learn about jazz music!

Check out the San Francisco Kids page to learn more about instruments of the orchestra!

Practice your improvisation skills on the PBS Jazz Kids page!

Compose your own music at Creating Music!

Try creating your own music at Morton Subotnick's Creating Music site!