Longacre Elementary would like to graciously recognize the Farmington/Farmington Hills Education Foundation, Target®, and the Longacre PTA in its efforts to support our iCreate! Program.

Since opening its doors, Target has given 5 of it organizations that support education, the arts, social services and volunteerism. Today that translates to more than $3 million every week. “At Target, our local grants are making a difference in the communities we serve,” said Laysha Ward, vice president, community relations, Target. “We’re proud to partner with Longacre Elementary as part of our ongoing commitment to give back to the communities where our guests and team members live and work.”

With the grant funds, over two years we were able to purchase 15 iPad minis and cases for student use. Students use the iPads to create and compose music, practice recorder skills, test online, improvise, and accompany songs with a variety of virtual instruments. Again, we graciously thank Target®, the Farmington/Farmington Hills Foundation and the Longacre PTA for their continued support of our music program.
iPad Kids.jpg
Fourth Grade students working on a drumming project using iPad minis.

Here are some of our favorite apps to use in music class!

K-2 Music Apps

BeBot is an animated cartoon robot that functions as a musical synthesizer. You can manipulate sounds as well as scales within the app.

Dr. Seuss Band is an app for young children. Students can manipulate the instrument to make different sounds, try a variety of pitches and accompany a silly song.

Inifinite Marimba is a xylophone app for young children. You can choose your "DO" signature as well as your tonality (major/minor). Only one octave available.

LoopsequeKids is an app that allows students to explore melody, rhythm and symmetry.

Mixeroo is an app for young children. Students can mix familiar songs by controlling the volume of different instruments, as well as the melody and harmony parts of each song.

Piano is a keyboard app for young children. There are a variety of children's tunes programmed into the app. Children can select one of the melodies and see/hear the melody being played. Children can also explore the keyboard independent of the melodies.

Singing Fingers is an app the combines art and sound. Children can draw pictures on the screen while singing. As you trace over the drawing, the sounds recorded with each stroke play.

Sketch a Song is an app that allows students to create their own composition. Children can compose using over forty different instrument sounds.

Sound Brush allows students to draw their music. Great for lessons on melodic direction.

Tune Train is my FAVORITE app for young children. Children "add people" on at each step. Each person represents a pitch within a harmonic context. Once they've selected their pitches, children can play their melody, add an accompaniment and see the notation.

3-4 Music Apps

Band is an app that allows students to explore a variety of instruments. It includes a 12-bar blues screen as well with full chords and accompaniment.

DrumJam is an app for serious drummers! There are a variety of authentic percussion instruments to choose from. Users layer different rhythmic instruments to create rhythm sections.

Everyday Looper is a looping app that allows students to create short compositions. You can record up to six tracks on it. You will need the key to know how to use the program as once you begin recording, it can be confusing to know what to do next.

Garage Band is a digital audio workstation (DAW) and music sequencer. It allows students to compose new music, edit music already recorded, and create podcasts.

I Am Composer allows students to record their own singing or playing and see the notation in real time. It's not my favorite app, but it may be worth trying.

MadPad HD allows you to make music out of any sound. Think STOMP on your iPad. Students can record their sound compositions.

Percussive is a percussion app that enables students to play a variety of barred percussion instruments (e.g. xylophone, metallophone).

Percussive Latin is a percussion app that allows students to play a variety of unpitched percussion instruments (e.g. tambourine, cabasa, conga drums, cowbell, etc...).

String Wars is a guitar app to help students learn to play guitar.

Six Strings allows students to play string instruments such as guitar, mandolin, banjo, ukulele, and a few drums using the iPad. Six Strings is wonderful for teaching students chord changes.

Virtuoso is a keyboard app that allows you to play piano on your iPad. It works for a single user or can accommodate duets.

Learning Tools

Aurasma is an app that allows you to use any image to connect to content on the web. Students can scan a photo of an instrument and be connected to any variety of media you choose for them.

Amazing Slow Downer is an amazing app for teachers! The app allows you to import music from your iTunes library and manipulate the tempo and pitch (key) of the song. It also allows to cut sections of the song and loop them. I especially love this app for recorder.

Dropbox is a cloud storage site that is free for all users. We have grade level folders on our iPads for students to access shared documents as well as save student work.

Doceri is a program that allows our iPads to talk to our computer and Promethean Board. Students can show their work on from their iPads right onto our IWB. The app is free, but there is a $30 fee to download the program onto your computer. The connection works via internet.

iMovie is an app that allows students to create movies using a variety of media. Students can create movies using video footage and still photos. Students use their original compositions as background music to create individual movies.

GoodReader is a PDF reader that allows you to annotate over the PDF and save it as a separate file. We use it with composition projects and LSAs. It's one of my favorite apps.

QR Reader is an app that allows your iPad scan QR codes and connect to digital media online. It's a great tool to share student work with parents.

Screen Chomp is an awesome app for students! Think "digital dry erase board" with a screen caption function. Students can write on the virtual board, but they can also record the process as well and share with others.

Tempo is a metronome app for students. It offers a variety of tempos as well as meters and divisions.

Music Games

Aura Flux is an ambient music app. Students draw pictures and random pitches are released, thereby creating music.

Beatwave allows you to create beats and music. It functions much like an ambient music app.

Falling Stars is also an ambient music app. Students draw pictures, then release sounds by touching stars.

Penguin Chase is a game that reinforces melodic direction and tempo. Students direct the penguin to pop "bubbles" by following the direction of the melody. Bump into other fish or items in the ocean and lose a turn.

Monkey Drum is an app for young children. It allows students to create rhythms on drums and hear the monkey play it back for them. It also allows students to create drumming pieces that are looped back.

Music Listening

Carnival of the Animals is my FAVORITE listening app for young children! Students can listen to any or all of the movements in Saint-Saens' composition. They can see a live ensemble perform as well see adorable visuals of the different animals. My students LOVE this app!

Meet the Orchestra is an instrument app. Students can see and hear different instruments.

SFB Nutcracker is an app that allows students to interact with the Nutcracker story. Students can read the story, or have the story read to them, or watch and listen the San Francisco Ballet perform the Nutcracker. It's a lovely app!

Simon Music helps young children learn instrument names and timbres (sounds). The app is structured much like the old "Simon" game, where children here an instrument sound, then two in succession, then three, etc. Students tap on each instrument in the order in which they heard it.

**Young Person's Guide to the Orchestra** is an app that allows students to interact with Benjamin Britten's composition. They can listen to and watch the score. They also can watch live excerpts of the orchestra play. Wonderful app!

Notation Apps

ForScore is a PDF reader for music. Download your music and scores into ForScore and use your iPad for sheet music.

Notion is a notation app that helps your students to compose with the iPad. It has a playback function that allows your students to hear their composition with the instrument selected.

Recorder Apps

Learn and Play Recorder is an app created by Denise Gagne. If you like her Complete Recorder Resource Book - you'll love this app!

NotateMe Now is an app that allows you to write music on the staff using your finger or stylus. It can be a little touchy but it's worth a try. My students are trying it out to write basic recorder compositions.

Recorder Master is a truly a wonderful app for helping recorder students master simple skills such as playing with a clear, warm tone. It uses a series of games and characters to get students to fix simple recorder issues! Love this app! I can give an iPad to a student with this app and have certain issues fixed within minutes.

SmartMusic is an inbox app for teachers with a subscription to SmartMusic. It is rumored that SmartMusic will have an app for students in the coming months...

VoiceThread is an online, interactive, multimedia slide show program. Teachers post content and students can interact with that content.

Recording & Mixing Apps
DJay is a DJ app that allows you to import music from your iTunes library, mix and sample your own music.

Voice Memos is an app that allows students to record themselves and playback their recordings!